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O objetivo é conhecer um pouco da história destas relações dentro da história da cristandade. Palavras-chave: Casamento homoafetivo. The goal is to know a little about the history of such relationships within the history of Christianity. Since when have there been records of this type of relationship and how did the Christian Jewish community behave in accepting and accepting these relationships or denying acceptance and acceptance? It will also be studied and analyzed how the Christian Jewish religion treated or understood this subject, taking as its basis the holy book for Jews and Christians The Bible, seeking enlightenment in the Old Testament that is commonly accepted by both peoples concerned and studying the New Testament, seeking also in it sources and bases of how the peoples who lived in this period dealt with and lived with this issue. As presented in the opening pages of this paper, every subject discussed here closes no door and seals no conclusion on such a complex and controversial subject. Acceptance or Rejection? Entendemos que agora é a vez das religiões se debruçarem sobre o assunto. Traze-os fora a nós, para que os conheçamos.

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Leste livro tenta explicar a história pela teoria econômica, e a teoria econômica pela história. Isto era muito convencedor, pelo menos para uma pessoa que viveu naquela época. Cada propriedade feudatário tinha um senhor. Eram essas, portanto, as duas características importantes do sistema feudal.

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ABSTRACT This work gives us an overview of the crime of bigamy possible to enter, at this juncture, in their specific; the law says, the majority of the teaching position, has positioned itself as our judges and some tried, the vision of the social sciences about marriage and family, changes with the advent of the constitution; pluralize, democratize and humanize the familial institution, overcoming the authoritarian state in this new era where the constitutional rights and human dignity are the central focus. We also discuss the process of emptying that such law has been suffering when confronted with the new concept of family that the Civil Code in force points us, it is apparent the contradiction that the crime under discussion indicates when discussing the guiding principles of Lex Mater, mainly start from the premise that criminal law should be treated as a last resort. Therefore bigamy, according to most scholars of criminal law, is subsidiary in nature, therefore it can only punish the lesions of legal interests and misdemeanors against the purpose of social assistance is indispensable for living together ordered. Where are sufficient means of civil or public law, criminal law should withdraw. Finally we present our conclusions about the crime of bigamy observing these societal, cultural and válido what is happening seeking to repeal this crime as what happened with adultery. Direito das Famílias. Rio de Janeiro: Lumen Juris,P.