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We examine how Aids is perceived and investigate sexuality in this epidemic context. The goal is to provide concrete data to support a prevention campaign and contribute to preventive policies in Brazilian society. We used a partially open-ended interview protocol. We focus on the way young males choose their sexual identity under the premise that this is how men can become the channel for Aids transmission. Our research was thus based on gender and sexual identity as categories.

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Afinal, o que querem as mulheres? Leste avanço se deu sempre na cata pela igualdade. Além disso, elas continuam almejando um ideal romântico de parceiro, casamento para toda a vida, prole e família. Palavras-chave: mulheres; quereres; paridade. This breakthrough came when in the pursuit of equality. However, research suggests, this advance and gave no's as you want. Although they are as entrepreneurial as men and in some manner even more than them have an average years of schooling increased, more and work with self-esteem are high, the distances to be overcome are still considerable. Moreover, they are still aiming for an ideal romantic partner, marriage for life, children and family. In this context, the question title seems out of place, with the difficulty lies precisely in response, since it does not legitimize these men want, and not prepared to show the point of choosing a partner who will be the same.

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Sexo no casamentoDivórcio A maioria dos casais passa por períodos de seca ocasionais. Talvez a ligeira discrepância indique que um homem e uma mulher no mesmo casamento podem estimar a frequência do sexo de maneira um pouco diferente. Sinais de que é preferível considerar o divórcio 1. Acontece que fazer sexo com mais frequência exige um compromisso real e pode parecer um pouco como um trabalho no início.